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Uplifting and Energizing

Sunbeam Collection: Welcome

About Sunbeam...

Our exclusive Sunbeam blend is our Signature scent and most popular fragrance. It’s also our favourite!

Our gorgeous collection has all the products needed to get you through the day; allowing you to completely immerse yourself in renewing Sunbeams from the time you wake up to snuggling into bed:

-Start the day with a refreshing shower and one of our luscious Sunbeam Shower Bombs

-Dry off then grab your all natural Sunbeam Deodorant

-Lather yourself in the Sunbeam Body Butter then

-Spritz yourself from head to toe in the Essential Mist; it sets the Body Butter perfectly and will raise your Sunbeam fragrance to a whole new level. While you're at it, why not spritz some of the Mist in the car and around your house too!

-Get your diffuser going with our Sunbeam oil blend to make your home or office smell amazing!

Featuring the perfect blend of Essential oils~ Lemongrass, Orange, Lime, Lemon & Grapefruit, this citrus cocktail is invigorating, refreshing and sure to get your smile on.

Shop the Sunbeam Collection below...

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