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Diffuser Oil Blends- choose from 2 scents (Sunbeam & Sugar Bomb)

Diffuser Oil Blends- choose from 2 scents (Sunbeam & Sugar Bomb)

Need a little help fighting those annoying sugar cravings? Our Sugar Bomb diffuser oil blend is here to help! 
Made from a special combination of essential oils aimed to assist in fighting the impulse to grab that chocolate bar or ice cream tub- it’s going to be your new favourite friend. It also smells heavenly- bonus! 
Simply put in your diffuser and let it work it’s magic ✨ or for a quick concentrated burst, just open the lid and take a deep breath in. We keep ours in the kitchen, right next to the cookie jars!

Before you ask- of course we had to make this in our Signature Sunbeam scent as well, because we simply can’t get enough of it!

Sugar Bomb and Sunbeam oil blends are both available in 15ml bottles for just $15. 

We’re also going to be releasing all Diffuser Blends in a roller perfume so you can take with you wherever you go 👌🏼 watch this space! 

(Diffuser oils are not for internal consumption)

    Made from 100% Essential Oils with no fillers.

    Carefully pour your desired amount of drops into your diffuser and enjoy!

    Not for internal consumption.

    Made in Melbourne Australia

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